Art Deco Edgar Brandt Style Bronze Snake Floor Lamp

Art Deco Edgar Brandt Style Bronze Snake Floor Lamp

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Bronze Edgar Brandt Floor Lamp

Edgar Brandt Style Floor Lamp

Art Deco Edgar Brandt Snake Lamp

Custom Snake Lamp Stylized After the Original Designed (Sculpted) Concept of Edgar Brandt.  Depicts a Highly Detailed Snake Coiled Around a Light Shade with an Open Mouth ,  Exposing It’s  Fangs and Forked Tongue, and Arising from the Lid of a Woven Basket. “Lost Wax” Cast in Pure Bronze and Finished in a Golden Bronze Patina.  Single High-Quality Porcelain Socket Design Illuminates the Large 16″ Custom Hand-Blown One-of-a-Kind French Style Art Glass. On-Off Foot Switch Included.

Edgar Brandt Snake Lamp Specifications

  • Item#:FLD4013
  • Overall Height:63.5″
  • Base: 12″
  • Shade Diameter: 16″
  • ADD Custom Lighting Utilizes the Best Quality Materials, Processes, Finishes.
  • Bronze Work Utilizes “Lost Wax” Casting Process – Just like the Original Artists Utilized
  • Over 30 Years of Experience in ALL Custom Fabricated Products.
  • Made In-House in Our Southern California Facility.