Experts in Custom Lighting Design, Repair, Bronze, Antique Repair and ...You Name It!

Manufacturer of Custom Lighting & Custom Furniture, Custom Hardware & More

Art Deco Decor Custom Lighting currently provides custom lighting , lighting restoration, sculpture, antique restoration and consultation work, for – the largest amusement parks, major hotels, casinos, restaurants, interior designers, galleries and famous designers of decor from around the world.

As a collector and manufacturer of lighting for over 30 years, Art Deco Decor Custom Lighting owner James Pessy has made COUNTLESS lighting fixtures from antiques, as well as designed countless of NEW lighting in all styles of art (Modern, Deco, Nouveau) for thousands of clients. If you design it, let ADD Custom Lighting construct it; or visit the 10,000 SQ FT Art Deco Decor gallery to view a large supply of items & antiques already available. Let our years of expertise save project time and budget waste. High quality CUSTOM items made in OUR facility in America!

 Inside the Ritz-Carlton