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ADD Custom Lighting - The Go-To-Experts of Designers, Antique Dealers, Hotels & Artists. Design Collaboration, Creation of: Patterns,Molds, Samples and Product

CEO and Founder
E-Mail: james@addcustomlighting.com

James Pessy

I’m an ardent admirer of Deco and Nouveau art, and owner of Art Deco Décor in Irvine We create quality reproductions of new and classic works – at a fraction of the original cost. Through over 30 years of accumulated knowledge, skill, and production, I have developed a method for reproducing the metal art of these early masters and other artistic pieces of décor. Antique chandeliers, lamps, wall sconces, candelabras, figurines, and other furnishing have all been artistically constructed; always in-house and always with great detail.
The casting process also allows us to create custom-designed pieces; pieces which have been featured in famous films, famous galleries and within the walls of many famous people’s homes. As a collector and manufacturer of sculpture of over 30 years, I have made COUNTLESS lighting fixtures from antiques, as well as designed countless of NEW lighting in all styles of art (Nouveau, Deco and Modern) for thousands of clients. Art Deco Decor currently provides lighting for major hotels, casinos, restaurants, and well known designers around the world. If you design it, let Art Deco Décor construct it.