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Top 5 Reasons Why to Buy Custom Furniture, Lighting and Home Decor

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Over the years we come upon a common complaint among our clients looking for a certain table (coffee table, dining table, side table, stand), a specific lamp (floor or table), a type of chandelier (modern, contemporary, empire, art deco,etc) or some other distinct home decor accessory, “I’ve been looking all over for (Insert Home Decor Need) and I just don’t see what I want!” Something is either too short, too tall, too wide, too shiny, too dull…too much something or other. All these typical issues become irrelevant when YOU buy custom! Here are the reasons why buying custom furniture, fixtures and other Home Decor goods makes sense:

1. You create a piece to fit YOUR SPACE: Stop trying to cram that dining table, that only comes in one size, into your limited space. With measurements in hand and some ideas/sketch/photos, you can get the same look to fit the space you ACTUALLY have. Modifying a piece of furniture or fixture that doesn’t fit can often cost you more than making the piece custom from the very beginning.


Bronze? Gold? Antique Silver? All Up To You.

2. You create a piece to fit YOUR VISION: You DO NOT have to settle for “good enough”, or “I guess I can live with the color” or “I’ll learn to love it” when you make a custom piece.  We always tell clients to remember, “YOU have to live with it, not us.” Chrome, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, Stainless Steel, Antique Brass, Powdercoat, Acid Patina, Bronze, Antique Silver (Nitrate), Custom Paint…whatever finish you want, you get to decide.

3. You set the YOUR BUDGET: A good custom manufacturer, one with knowledge and experience, will work with you and a budget. You just have to be reasonable (No asking for a Ferrari for the price of a Toyota!) and have an idea of what you are looking for. Let the experience of the manufacturer provide you options. What is the difference between manufacturing in Steel versus Brass versus Stainless Steel? What is the price difference of a Custom Alabaster Shade versus a Hand-Blown Art Glass Shade in the same size – how large can I get that shade? What is the price difference on that table or chandelier if I want it plated versus finishing it in a Dark Bronze color? How much to make that table X amount of inches longer? Often you will find, by changing certain aspects you can save money or get more for your money by following the advice of a reputable manufacturer. Do not settle for less then what you pay for and be weary of a manufacturer who tries to lead away from a design you dont want (Maybe something “easier” to make?) or leads you to the most expensive option available, Ca-Ching!

4. You create UNIQUENESS: Custom pieces are unique pieces of Art. They are personal and no one else will have the item; or at worst you share the piece with a few people who share in great tastes in decor!  It is always a treat to go out and see the dozens and dozens of people wearing the same shoes, the same dress, and same glasses while driving the same white Toyota – Yeah, Never!  What is enjoyable is having your friends, family or hated neighbor trying to figure out where you bought that new custom piece of furniture or fixture and what it cost you. They never can guess “The Where” and buying custom-direct usually lands the price guessing in the land of “Less Then You Think”.

5. You own AMERICAN MADE QUALITY: Tired of saying, “Cheap Chinese $&#@!”? Understandable since custom manufacturers in America hate hearing about it equally as much. One can’t avoid over seas purchasing all together, but when you want a piece of furniture, lighting, hardware or anything you want to last a lifetime, buy AMERICAN MADE! Parts and entire pieces created in countries known for mass producing product as cheap as possible accomplish this feat by using inferior metal (google chinese steel problems), changing designs/material (google china lead product scandal) to save money without asking. Let be honest, most consider all these products as “Throw Away” items and buy something else in a year, two and if you enjoy playing the lottery…THREE YEARS! YAY! Great if you enjoy shopping deeply, but you still have to deal with the cheap flash chrome plating flaking off your Wall Sconce, contend with your “stainless steel” table rusting and constantly washing your painted hands (hope it doesn’t have lead) after handling that finely painted Floor Lamp. Your custom piece will NOT be as inexpensive to purchase as these, but you will not have to keep wasting your time repeatedly fixing your lamp (often cheaper just to buy another new one) or frustrating yourself trying to shine up the rusted bathroom wall sconce – forget it, you will never make oxidation sparkle. Seriously, if you add up the cost to maintain and replace the Chinese product, you could have INVESTED the money into something that will probably outlive you and be something you could proudly have your family fight over – hopefully not anytime soon!


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